Time to be in the moment

Oct 28, 2021 | Meditation

Time to be in the moment

Sit inside or outside. Maybe you are drinking a cuppa, or are just enjoying the sunshine, the warmth on your face or sitting in your favourite chair looking out a window. Get comfortable.

The time is now – forget the past and don’t worry about the future, we are in the moment, the NOW.

Bring your attention fully to the present moment NOW.

In this moment be aware, notice what is happening around you.

Close your eyes – what can you hear?

What fragrances/smells are in the air?

What feelings/sensations do you notice in your body?

What does it feel like to be in your body at this moment?

Do you notice any sensations in your feet?

Take a moment to notice them, then move to your hands – what are you feeling?

You don’t need to do anything, just observe in this moment.

Let’s move to exploring the sensations in other parts of your body, one at a time – maybe your legs, back, shoulders or elbows.

Don’t worry if you find stress or tension/pain or discomfort just acknowledge it – experience it all in the moment. You are just practicing a nonjudgmental awareness – witnessing what is going on.

You can’t control what you are feeling, but you can control how you feel about what you are feeling. As you notice the senses, relax and smile.

Experience this process with a smile, as you move your awareness to your head, what sensations finds your nose, ears, eyes, and mouth. Are those you feel here different from the rest of your body?

Let’s take a moment to appreciate your sense of sight – even with your eyes closed you can see the light passing through your eye lids.

Take a moment to experience the sensations of your ear drums, what sounds are you hearing at this moment? Do you notice the different sounds moving in or out, and the underlying sounds? Allow yourself to focus on one sound.

Let’s move on to your nose – in this moment experience the sense of what you are smelling, and if there is a taste in your mouth.

Breathing deeply, take a moment of full sensory awareness – include all of your senses.

Continue to breathe and only be in the moment, notice what sensations are happening during each breath. Do you feel the sensation in the nostril as the air flows in and out? At the same time are you still aware of the rest of your bodily senses?

Remember when a thought arises, allow them to move on, don’t follow them, stay with the sensations – you are feeling in the NOW.

When you are ready to resume your day, take a deep breath, wriggle your fingers and toes.

Place your feet on the ground, be consciously present in the moment, and continue on with your day.




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