Meditation Teachers

Refund Policy

Full payment upfront

Non Refundable deposit

Not refundable within 5 days prior to the course commencement. 

50% refundable between 6-14 days prior to the course commencement (not deposit)

75% refundable before 15 days prior to the course commencement (not deposit)   Course is transferable to another course date or to correspondence within 12 months


Instalment/Payment Plan

If you default on the payment plan you will be placed on suspension until payment has been received.

If you miss a group class you will be charged a catch-up fee of $150.00 per for this session.

Free grounding meditation

Re-align and fix:

• Feelings of uneasiness and restlessness

• Feeling unfocused

• Off balance physically

• Tired, drained of energy

• Spaced out/losing time

• Feeling dizzy

• Forgetfulness

• Scatty concentration

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