Send healing energy to mother earth

Feb 4, 2020 | Meditation

Note: Please remember to never conduct a meditation or relaxation exercise while driving or in control of machinery.

**This mediation is very effective when actually performed while standing barefoot on the earth.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, in and out, In and out, on each breath taking it deeper and deeper into the abdomen, allowing it to rise and fall with every breath.

Feeling the tension leaving the body on the out-breath, breathing renewing energy in on your in-breath.

In and out, rise and fall, feel the tension falling away, feeling the lightness entering the body

Allow your thoughts to calm and to float away, allowing your mind to quieten, if your thoughts come in, acknowledge them and allow them to pass through, don’t block them but don’t allow them to speak loudly to you, acknowledge and allow to float away, putting them on a cloud, letting them know that you will deal with them later.

Now is time for you, you have no other place to be but here connecting to your breath and relaxing your body and mind.

Take your awareness to the heart space which sits in the centre of your chest between your breasts, as your awareness settles in this space, find yourself being surrounded and wrapped up gently in a pink and green mist of unconditional love- love for self and others.

Feel your bare feet standing on mother earth, moving in the coolness of the grass and dirt underneath you.

Feeling your feet and ankles sink below ground level, they are now anchoring into the earth, solidly grounding you.

Take your awareness back to your heart space; see yourself with arms spread wide welcoming the sunshine on your face and a light breeze in your hair. Feel and welcome the energy of father sky radiating around you.

Open your heart to the energy of healing from father sky to the love of the universe and divine energies pouring in through your heart moving down through your body and out through your feet bringing healing and love into mother earth and radiating out from your position into the earth to all areas that healing is needed.

Visualise, image or just know that it is reaching the right area, you may have a specific area you would like to send this healing energy to or just allow it to flow freely.

Just breathe in the divine energy for as long as you feel is needed, you will know when it is time to stop.

Knowing in that you can come back and repeat this exercise as many times as you wish and whenever it is needed, it is now time to bring you awareness back into your heart space lowering your arms and feeling your feet rise to be on the earth, feeling the warmth of the mist of unconditional love wrapping you up and giving you strength.

It is now time to bring the awareness back into your body, back into the room, feeling the chair beneath you, hearing sounds around you, wiggling your fingers and toes, opening your eyes now.

Angel Blessings


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