How to stay centred

Jun 24, 2015 | Uncategorized

3 Simple steps to staying centred

How do you stay centred? Good food, walking, reading, yoga, meditation, drinking water, dancing, not sure?

Let’s do a very simple exercise to find the 3 activities that help you to be grounded and centred.

It’s really an exercise in elimination until you bore down to the key 3 activities that will bring you back to being aligned with yourself.

For years and I mean 20 years I have followed that my life is like a house. I need to have a strong foundation (my beliefs & activities) to build my house on( everyday life) when my life is stable and flows smoothly, I know that my foundation is strong and I am connected to heart (soul) & mind, when I find myself faltering, unbalanced, ungrounded, thinking negatively, overeating, unable to cope my foundation is no longer stable or strong. I have moved away from my beliefs & activities. I then need to do a check in and see what I have been omitting from my life and need to bring back in to re-establish my strong foundation so my house is again on a balanced platform.

Find your 3 activities:


Write down all the activities you love to do and when doing them you feel connected to your heart/soul.

Step 2.

Sit with the list and really tune in and sort into groups that you do occasionally, sometimes and always.

off centre

Step 3.

Looking at the always list, sitting with it in front of you and reading the words out loud, feeling each activity. What is your bodies’ response to each? Does your heart sing to any of them? Do I do any of the activities even when I am out of sorts? For me yes I can still cuddle my animals when not balanced so this eliminates this one.

We are looking for an activity that we do all the time or constantly but when we find ourselves becoming what I call off centre we realise that we have stopped participating in one or more of these activities.

For me, this is being creative (Art), meditation and eating good healthy food. If I slip in one of these areas I will find that I am not as connected to myself as I usually am.

If I look back when I realise what is going on I find that I may have been having more sugar than usual or I haven’t meditated for a few days or no art for a week or so. These are my indicators to my moods, energy and everyday wellbeing for the connection of heart & mind. It is a simple and easy exercise to do and you will find that it may change over time. So sit with your list allow yourself to feel each activity,

Having a healthy and strong base allows you to live your life your way.

Be happy and let your light shine into the world.

Angel Blessings





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