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Jul 21, 2019 | Uncategorized

Energy lift meditation exercise

by Diane Collett | Music by Thaddeus

Energy lift Meditation Exercise

In winter we often feel sluggish and struggle to find the energy as we wrap ourselves up in a cocoon of warmth, I am sharing this meditation exercise that I use to give me a lift, clears my mind and renews my energy.

Optimal space is outside feet on the earth or anywhere you can have your feet on the floor either sitting or standing.

Feet on the floor, close your eyes, connect to your breath – in & out, in & out

Breathing down into your abdomen – in & out, in & out relaxing your body on each breath

Imagine, visualise or know that there is a bright light of yellow light, like the sun bringing in energising energy through your crown chakra which is situated at the top of your head, feel the energies warmth kissing your skin as it wraps around you.

As the energy enters it moves through your body, soaking in and energising and revitalising every cell, blood vessel,  muscle and organ of your body, moving through the whole body from your mind, clearing the fog in your brain, across your shoulders continuing down your arms to your fingertips, feel them tingle with this new awakening energy .

Moving down your spine and radiating throughout your torso, down penetrating through your hips and pelvis, continuing along the legs into the ankles and feet feeling your whole body being energised by this new awakening energy.

Allow the energy to pass through the soles of your feet moving into mother earth.

Allow this vibrant, energised energy to continuously flow through you for the next 3-5 minutes to help clear your mind, add energy to your body and to change your whole energy field from sluggish to energised.

Keeping the energy bright yellow as if you are using the suns energy to flow through you, feel free to add another colour to combine with the energy stream of the yellow if needed.(example you could bring in some green for a little bit of extra self-love).

When you feel refreshed and energised allow the energy to fade away. Bring your awareness back into your body,

Shake your whole body, stamp your feet a couple of times to help ground you.

Wiggle your fingers and toes. Open your eyes.

Once you have completed this exercise, you may find you have a clearer mind and a new energy to continue your day.

This meditation exercise always gives me a lift and helps to clear my mind.

Hope you enjoy



Note: Do note attempt this exercise when you are driving or in charge of any equipment.

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