Journey to Cleanse Your Auric Field With the Emerald Green Flame

Reel back in your filaments and energetic tethers that deposit on others throughout your day.

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Why Emerald Green Flame?
Consider this your minimum monthly maintenance to find serenity, remove auric disturbances and bring you back to your centre. This unique meditation guides you through a journey to cleanse your returning filaments with the Emerald Green Flame. By opting in with your email, you’ll receive a free recording to help you take back your energetic tethers.

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Di is a true teacher and gifted in running guided meditations. Di’s approach is very heartfelt and creative. – Erin Boyd

Diane is a wonderful mentor & meditation teacher. Her knowledge, wisdom, warmth, humour and depth as a person & spiritual teacher – Sara Brooke, The Space In Between

Di allowed the space, love and support to truly tap into my own process ensuring I was nurtured and guided in a truly authentic way. Meditation has allowed me to evolve in all areas of my life in ways that I would of never imagined. This has had ripple effects on my loved ones and I feel truly blessed that I had Di to guide me on this journey. – Janie

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Re-align and fix:

• Feelings of uneasiness and restlessness

• Feeling unfocused

• Off balance physically

• Tired, drained of energy

• Spaced out/losing time

• Feeling dizzy

• Forgetfulness

• Scatty concentration

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