8 tips for WFH

Aug 19, 2020 | Self care

Exciting news, but first how is everyone, it’s been a while since I wrote and in that time everything in the world has changed, so much has happened and will be affecting us all in very different ways. To survive, we need to have some coping strategies to help with the stress, anxiety, boredom and even depression.

You may find yourself cycling through various emotions, highs and lows. Everyone copes differently, has different triggers and different ways to cope. There are lots of strategies out there that we can tap into, activities that may help you is essential to your mental wellbeing and may also help those around you.

Part of my business is running art groups, and I contract to Glady and co mental health services. Since March we have taken our face to face classes and started virtual art groups over Zoom, for anyone that is working or studying from home knows that it is draining,  can feel like you never get away from work.

Click the link below and see the tips that  I have picked up not only in this COVID-19 space but over the years as a business owner that spends a lot of time working by herself.

8 tips for Working For Home

Take care, everyone, find the activities and people that can help you through this strange and changing time we are moving through, and running through it we are. What the other side looks like we don’t know, but we are strong and resilient,  will get through this together.



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